Friday, February 11, 2011


The past 2 weeks have been very stressful for me.. Not because I have to do visiting on Chinese New Year but my commitments which are very time consuming. The only time for me to have a good rest was to be in camp..surprisingly eh? Like usually people would say that there's more freedom when you're out of camp. For me, well, it's the other way round but hopefully it'll end soon..

Okay, I don't really wanna share too much but I took part in a mediacorp audition and I got through. I felt the audition was pretty bad that I didn't even thought that me and Alicia actually made it through. The competition is called Power Duet, a mandarin programme that is about to be released soon. It's a singing competition, not a solo type of singing competition but duet singing in harmony. How the stress came about? *I couldn't harmonise! I couldn't even catch the note correctly and everytime during practice, I screwed it up..*'s a nightmare for singers man.. I kinda felt so lousy about myself..I realised it ain't easy to be a singer. =(

Next Tuesday is the competition le.. Hopefully by then, I can perform well on that night.... God..please help!