Saturday, April 26, 2008

Be prepared

Well, I read someone's blog and found out about something that had happened..I can't guarantee what really happened but one thing that came to my mind was that losing your love one is unbearable.

I have not experienced the very deep emotional feeling of losing someone. The ever first love one whom left me, was my grandpa. My grandpa stayed with me during my childhood days. It was then that my grandpa went over to my uncle's place to stay and since then, my siblings and I did not get to see him that often. It was only Chinese New Year that we go over for a visit. And that was like once in a year. I did not cry though, maybe for me as a Christian, I thought that he will be in the heaven so there is nothing for me to feel sad about. Well, he left his family but very peacefully.

Although I did not know what was the feeling of truely losing someone you dearly love but I have seen and experienced those who shared with me about their lost. They cried terribly, they poured out their hearts and really cried it aloud. They couldn't accept what had happened and they were not prepared for it. The pain in them was more than a thousand needles piercing through their hearts. I'm not sure how you would imagine the pain but what I had seen was that I saw the particular person, crying helplessly, gushing out with tears, her eyes were red and she was thrusting her fist to her chest to relieve the pain that she was suffering..

My parents, they've definitely have aged. They're already in their 50s. I envy friends whom I have whose parents are still young and had planned for them. I'm the eldest in the family. I'm currently 19 and I have not gone for my NS. I'm worried but at the same time prepared for anything that might happen to them. However, I also believe that there are those who have lost their parents or their parents are even older than mine or even those who are orphans. I really feel sorry for offence but that's how I felt. Upon thinking of such, we should feel lucky and be glad that I can type this entry to you and for you to read this entry of mine. Some don't even have computers...

After typing all these, I suddenly thought about something..No offence but what happens if Jay Chou's mum were to leave him? How is he going to take it? I'm not sure how many of you have thought about that..But I can say that Jay Chou love her mum alot and if she were to leave him, I do not know how he would react to it. I hope he's prepared for the worst. And I believe that when that day comes, all media and focus would be on him and his fans will feel as one for him...

Juz my thoughts..that's all..

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Change of venue

Ok..Basically, the running event was successful..But there will be change of venue, timing is still 7pm. Venue will be Geylang East Avenue 1, basically in the neighbourhood area. So for those who are still interested in come for the run, you can still contact us through mobiles. You can see my post below..Ya..the contacts are there..If you're not sure how to get there..You can meet up with me or Davian and we'll fetch you up from there..See ya!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Taking a medical leave from work..

Panadol, cough tablets, flu tablets and cough mixture

I juz got back from my nearby Polyclinic. The waiting time was extremely long but lucky I knew how to make use of my time, I took the queue number, went to the hawker centre to get my mum and myself lunch, went home, bathe and then ate my favourite Yong Tau Foo and went back to the clinic..Haha..Juz nice..It was my turn..

At first, the clinic gave me the impression that the waiting time for consultation will take an hour or two..But today..they seemed to be very efficient. It was 3 patients away to my turn..Damn fast lor..But while I was waiting, I was like continuously going to the toliet to blow my nose..cause the mucus juz keep flowing..Really like the tap hose which needs a stopper.

When I got to see the doctor..She was like so professional lor..She just asked a few questions, did some 'Open-Mouth-Say-Ahh' and ' Inhale Exhale' exercises on me and started prescribing me the medication..But most importantly, when she asked if I need an MC, I gave a firm 'Yes..' Haha..

Ok..Got to the Pharmacy...ok..this is the funny part..The pharmacist was a guy.. He think he very dua pai..I considered him as smartalac..When he called for my name, as I approached to him,he asked.."You having flu ar?" In my mind I was like, "OF COURSE LAH!!If not, will you be holding my flu medication..?" LOL!!Anyway, he then told me how to take the medication as in like twice a day,this will cause drowsyness all that..But the thing is..he acting as a smartalac mah right..Then the way he said was like bullet-train...Cause he experienced mah..Know the drugs very well..that's why he said until damn fast..but think about those old folks..or some other saying so fast..does he ever think that they can absorb just as fast?I doubt so..Thank God just now my brain was still working even though I'm damn weak..Now also very weak sia..But I will pull through!!I can't be defeated by the illness that easily..Yeah!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tmr we're gonna run!

Alright!It's been a long while since I last went to a stadium for a workout..Tmr will be the day!!I've asked my frens to come and have fun together by exercising..Well, so far, I heard feedbacks like having sports type of games..I'm putting that into consideration..I may want to plan it out like for example Tuesday solely on running whereas Thursday would be like basketball, soccer or even netball.Well, I would have to ask my friends to discuss about it..So ya, if there are more opinions, feel free to tag me..Thanks!

Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm CookinG!!

Ok..Here's a question, you can only asnwer yes or no..Who enjoys cooking?So it's a yes or a no...Dun take such a long time to think lah..Just say it from your heart...The moment you are posted this question, what is the answer that first came to you?I believe alot would say,"YES!!" Right?Haha...Ok...Whereas for some who answered, "No.." Those who answered, "No.." Yeah..!You're just like me..We don't enjoy cooking..but we enjoy eating what is cooked..!Yeah..Haha..Gotcha for those who answered, "YES!!"

Basically, just want to share with you a ReCiPE!!Can't wait to find out more? Take a look at my pics and I'll show ya! And hope you will like it...It's easy to do! And I believe you'll like it as I do..Haha..But for those who dislike CheEZe then sorry lor..Cause my recipe is especially for Cheese Lovers! I call this dish, ' SaY ChEeSE!!'
Searching for ingredients..Ham...I got a big maybe for you the slices instead..I just wanna show my cutting skill to you all only..*show off* Crack 3-4 eggs..(Dun bother about High-Cholesterol lah..Just eat as I Use one hand lah...!See you can anot.. Now...Stir it well... Make sure you wash your frying pan..k Less oil...Not so much..
Now..Pour the egg onto the frying pan..
Now..Pour the cut slices of ham on top of the egg..
Make sure they are spread out evenly..
Now..The best part...Placing of the cheese..

Make sure your fire is not at the maximum..Do not have to use a strong fire..If not, your egg will get burnt.
TA DA!! 'SAY CHEESE!!' is done!!You should trying cooking it too..It's damn delicious especially with the cheese...I hope you'll enjoy this meal! Jia you! Feel free to post your comments regarding about this dish..I'll be happy to see your feedbacks..
Photographer: Chang Xiu Mei (my sister)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fourth day at Attachment feeling so bored le..Imagine I have to go through this for 4 months...

I'm feeling very lethargic now..I think I can't stay long in my workplace..but bo bian..!!It's poly attachment..Haiz...Down sia!Somemore, my colleagues are all the full-timers there..Then dun have polymates with me at all..I'm the only one...Anyway, wat's worse is that I was told to come for work on Saturday to shift stocks..Man..!This is not the five-day work week that I'm told it would be..

Ok, dun talk about attachment le..Just have to live with it for the next 4 months and I hope everyone can pray for me that the days will quickly go away..Well, today's entry I just wanna pen down my thoughts that's all..

Erm..What should I do when I know that a gal's heart was stolen away by a guy and it was then that he stopped having contact with her? I can tell that she still love him very much cause when she and I were walking around TM and CS, I noticed that she was looking for him..Yup..I observant right?Haha..Aiya..Juz that I know that she has an affection for him..cause everytime she will mention to me..Well, I wanna help her though...So anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this?

What I feel is that...there are actually other guys who are much better..example: the one who typed this entry lor...haha...joking...hmm...definitely there are nicer guys de..But these nicer guys I've known of, they are very it's quite hard to really find a guy that can really take care of the girl..So...Gals out there, make sure you really find the right guy..if not,once married, dun regret once you've made the decision..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Worked like a dog today..

My siing niang days were really over...And it only lasted for 2 days..Damn down sia..Now have to work like dog..First 2 days watch tv too much then now my colleagues taking back at me..No lah..Haha..They are very nice people to me de..Just that today the whole day I was helping them out carrying stocks...

Cause our office will be shifting to Ubi!!Wah..everyday like very happening lor..I learnt so much these few days...And I tried out one of the company's products..It was a karaoke mic...Not an ordinary mic but a mic whereby u can store ur karaoke songs in it..Impressive man..Some more can display ur score after you sang..And guess wat?!My manager asked me to try it out..and I REALLY DID TRY IT!!I sang in the OFFICE!!!Even my CEO was at his desk lor..I dun care..I just sang..I love singing mah...So dun care...Best of all...I sang not even half of the song,' Remember Me This Way' from the movie Casper, I scored 76!!!Impressive eh?!Haha...

Then after testing the mic, the whole afternoon was shifting, arranging, packing and moving all the company's stuffs..Actually can knock off work at 6pm ...then everything dragged till 7 plus...Lucky I wore a t-shirt today..Or else I'll get heatstroke by then lo..Very hot lor..

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2nd day for attachment and a special night spent..

Boring and awesome today man!!I tot I was gonna get bored to death cause my job really can make me sleep...I fell asleep quite a number of time but no one noticed..Once again, I got the slackest job of all..You may think that I have the most siing niang job juz because I get to watch TV programmes BUT!!It does not mean that it's interesting..It's not lor..It's interesting and fun if I get to see programmes that I like but for today's tv programmes, all can make me fall asleep..

HOWEVER!!!Why today was awesome because I was brought out on an "excursion". I was with my general manager and my sales manager..Can say that we're getting to know each other better le lah..get to talk more today..(yesterday first day shy to speak up..I may be guy hor..but there are times whereby need to be shy one that then can display some of my feminine side of me'm joking..not gay hor..) I was brought to SIA (Singapore Airlines)!!We're there to plug in all the play sets...but most importantly, it's not about doing our jobs well..The main purpose of us, 3 guys is to..............SEE THE AIR STEWARDESS, in chinese , 空姐!!LOL!!

My sales manager was like saying, " 你知道我们来这里的目的是什么吗?” I have no answer to that question but I expected what he was about to say..“来看美女 lor。。”Then another time was when there was this pretty air stewardess looking curious and asked," Are you using the room?". I replied a no and my GM and I pushed the trolley of our company's products out of the training room and she entered..Then I was saying, "Wah..我们给一个空姐赶出来 lei...” He replied, "You don't feel honoured to get chased out by a 空姐 meh..?"

Diaoz...( “。!)

So fun lor..Get to go to SIA Changi Airport Terminal 3 and especially into the main office of the Airport's new terminal 3. I have some pics below of how T3 looks like...Think Ee Xuan will like one of the shops at T3..The Perfume and Cosmetics Shop!Lol!!It's a pink shop lor..very nice decor of the shop..Sure will attract alot of female customers..

Ok, second part of the day which is after work. It's been quite a while of asking Ee Xuan out for a dinner...Finally tonight we got to meet up for dinner...It was so fun lor..I didn't know Ee Xuan would share with me so much about her 'YE MAN! Stories' ..Haha..That's what she calls it...I believe it was a good start cause it was our first time meeting up for a dinner..Ya..We met at Tampines mrt station and Ee Xuan suggested going AJISEN Japanese Restaurant...It was my first time there...The noodle was so nice lor..I've never tried noodles that were so Q before.. I strongly recommend you guys who are reading this, go and try their food!It's really nice..! during dinner, we chatted all the way..She's the one sharing and I was the one listening....Wah..Really pei fu that there are so many interesting lifestories of hers that she shared with me.. I felt like as if I'm a boring guy..-no life...Lol..So basically, after dinner, we just kept talking and talking and talking..all the way sia...Unbelievable!As we talked, I accompanied her to shops where girls would usually are the clothing and accessories shops..Then because I guy mah..Know nothing much about girls' stuff then have to 请求 Ee Xuan to teach me what are the comestics used for...ask her why this why that..ask her what she prefer..I was also somehow asking her of her opinions about certain fashion stuffs...Sort of like doing a short-survey to find out more about teenage girls' market...cause I wanna set up my scarf business mah..

Next, it was probably past 9pm..most of the shops in TM were we decided to head home..Then as a is right to send a girl home mah..dun wanna leave a bad impression to her mah..No lah..Not about bad impression lah..just that I'm really a gentleman lor..I dun let girl go home alone by herself..Anyway, before sending her home, there was still time so we just continued chatting lor..We bought ourselves each a 泡泡茶..hers was Almond milktea..Mine was Blue Coral milktea...wah..thanks to Ee Xuan for being observant...cause the lady almost gave me a grape milk tea instead of Blue Coral...(if not I wun get the anti-biotic medicine taste le..Blue Coral taste like that lor...and I like it.... =) Dun say I'm weird..well..everyone has their own likes mah..)

So we continued talking..shared lots and lots of stuffs...until we had enough of our Bubble Teas..Then it was time to head home..Bid farewell to her when I sent her to her block's lift...

Sad thing is we did not get to take pictures together..But nevermind..all these memories are meant to be kept in our hearts and not on photos..Haha...Ok..till the next time we meet up for pool or movie! Till that day then!