Friday, December 28, 2007

Day after Christmas

4.10am now..and I'm trying my best to write an entry for today despite that I'm very tired. Well, today I woke up early for school cause I had to rehearse for my drama play. I thought that I was late as I was supposed to reach there by 10am. Indeed I was but when I got into the class, I was the 5th person who came. Man..haha..should have took my time. Anyway, got there at 10.30am and turns out to be the 5th earliest.

After the rehearsal, I had to go off early. Yeah..again, for work as for those who know me well enough. So work today was slack, there wasn't really much business as it was past Christmas. The shoppers began to decrease and so did our sales. For the whole afternoon till late evening, my colleague and I were chatting away. We were actually making time fly past quickly and also at the same time, waiting impatiently for the stocks to come in. least this time, the stocks that came in were as many as before but this time, I was able to find the price tags effortlessly as I had them categorized before the stocks came. right..So straight away when the stocks came, I started unpacking them and sticking onto them with the price tags. Once again, like I've said it was as many as before and the main thing is that the shopping mall is about to close, it was impossible to finish everything by then. So what we decided was that we'll do it tomorrow. we left at 9.40pm.

I ran off after saying goodbye to my colleague, rushing my way to meet my ex-colleagues. My previous boss actually invited my sis and I (ex-employees of his) to a Christmas celebration at Marina Square K-Box despite that we're not in the company anymore. Ya, so all the way from Tampines, I head to City Hall and to Marina Square K-Box. Man! It was crowded with my frens ( not colleagues anymore..haha..) and the room was so big, there was a pool table and the karaoke songs are projected onto a gigantic screen. Awesome! I had fun there..I thought that no one's gonna welcome me..but I was wrong. Everyone's faces were put up with joys of smiles. It's been quite awhile since I last saw them. It was great when we sang together. Especially when I sang with Ah Rong who I think he's my best singing partner in the room. Surprised I was when after a few moments while I almost finishing a song. My previous boss came! I did not expect him to come and to add on, he was totally different compared to him when he's at work. I believed that he enjoyed himself singing tonight and had fun. He was HIGH! Haha!! I didn't know he could sing that well too..Impressive! Anyway, after that, everybody stopped singing, they only want to hear me sing. In the end, I was like singing more than 15 songs without anyone fighting over with me for the mic. Man..Haha..then Shirley, Hui Jie and their frens were like asking me to sign autographs for them, 合照 with them and wanna get my latest album. They began treating me like their idol.

Man..But I do one day will want to be a singer and of course come out with my own album. Overall, I had fun at the so called "Christmas party", a chance for me to meet up with some ex-colleagues and also a worthwhile moment to spend with them!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I'm still feeling unwell now..Juz woke up to type this entry.But at least my fever has gone down.Ya..I had a fever last night and it was unbearable. My family members were all asleep. Doubt they know that I'm sick.

In the middle of the night, I took a hand towel, wet it, placed it on my forehead and slept without taking any panadols. Anyway, the reason why I fell sick was that it started 2 days ago while I was working, there was a whole lot of stocks that came in. So what my colleague and I did was to clean and wipe the packages of bedsheets. I'm not talking about 5 boxes of stocks. It was about 25 boxes!! One thing was that the delivery men actually came past 7pm. And BHG (the shopping mall), closes at 10.30pm. The stocks were so many that even when it's time to close, we still have not finish clearing the bedsheets out of the boxes. There were like 17 more boxes to be cleared. My colleague then told me that we can do it the next day. But guess wat? My colleague actually told me that she have something on in the morning so can only make it in the afternoon. And furthermore, I was to work full shift the next day. Man..She told me to come early to finish wat was not she's an elder, an auntie, I obeyed and went early the next day.

The next day, I got myself at BHG at about 9.45am. My mom thought that I was working at 1pm so she did not prepare breakfast for me. I actually went off to work with an empty stomach. It was then that I continued with the leftover boxes. Main thing is, I have to do it ALONE this time. One frustration was that I had to search high and low for the price tags. The price tags were placed in different plastic bags. It was the auntie who arranged it. Whereby I totally do not know how are they categorize..Anyway, I juz try my best to find the prices. Then when it's 2pm, the auntie came and the stocks were still not yet completed..Other brands' promoters came over and kept asking the same question, "Still unpacking ar?" Man..It was really alot of stocks lei..

Then like I've said why I fell sick because of this is that I had to find the price tags (which is the most time consuming), wipe and clean the packages of bedsheets, place them nicely on the shelves and do the same cycle over and over again. It was 5pm that I actually went for my dinner. So, I basically had an empty stomach since the moment I woke up until 5pm! No wonder I was having a headache and could feel that a fever was coming up.

When I came back from dinner, I still have to finish the last bit of stocks despite that I was feeling extremely weak. And finally, 6.30pm everything was finally done. It took us like a day's time to finish those stocks. Thank God that my colleague brought some panadols, I asked from her as my headache was totally unbearable. I totally do not have the energy to work having the pain up in my head. Without the panadols, I dun think I can maintain that long, I could have collapsed!, I still have a slight headache, hope it will not get worse. So now that you've read my this entry, I believe you will now be smart enough not to work or go out with an empty stomach unless you wanna end up in the same situation as me.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Going for a movie before Christmas

Christmas is juz round the corner. A special event/day whereby Jesus was born on this day.It's His birthday! That's why we call for a celebration. A birthday celebration for Him. So I hope everyone still remember the real reason of celebrating Christmas..
Well, juz before this special day, I actually went for a movie with Hui Shan, schoolmate of mine, studying in the same course as me but different class. We went out as frens kinda awkward in the sense that it's juz me and her. Well, we started off chatting getting to know more about each other better. Haha..Guess I did not start well in the conversation..Kinda too random as I was asking her many questions of different topics..Well, juz doing my best to keep ourselves from being silent..and also from being awkward..
Anyway, it was better when we had dinner at Long John Silver. We chatted about our favourite lecturers and also lecturers that we dislike..Also, about her classmates whom I totally don't know their names. I'm quite surprised that she knew most of my classmates..Think she did a research on them..Lol..Nah..kidding..or maybe she did?
It was 20 minutes later when it was time for the movie. 7.10pm was the seating time. We got in late by a few minutes because there was a long queue for the popcorns and stuff but thank God the show have not started, it was still broadcasting some advertisement. We wouldn't wanna miss abit of the action pack movie. Oh..almost forgot to mention that the movie we watched was National Treasure The Book Of Secrets. Man!!It was fantastic! Most probably it's the best thriller this season! Totally awesome!
It was past 2 hours when the movie was finally over..We then decided to head home. While waiting for the train to arrive, we coincidentally met Chang Li, a secondary school friend of mine, on the platform. I did the introduction to both of them..(Like a middle man)..and juz as it ended, the trained came. Onboard the train, Chang Li and I kinda feel that Hui Shan was being left out..sorry for that..cause his stop was juz 1 stop away so juz wanna catch up some things with him. And after Chang Li dropped off the train, Hui Shan and I made our ways to the empty seats and again we chatted.
I was surprised when half-way during our conversation, Hui Shan shared with me that she was from Chinese Orchestra when she was in Primary school. Cause it was same for me..I was in Chinese Orchestra in Primary 4 too..Then we chatted about the instruments that we used to play..and so was interesting..
Without looking at the time on our was so soon that we finally reached Bugis all the way from Tampines..To me it was like 10 mins rather than the real time which is about 30 mins..Guess the conversation we had, made time fly quickly. I accompanied Hui Shan home, a 10 mins walk. And it was at her block that I bid goodbye to her. So did she. Ya..Like I've said earlier..Frens..So ya..not what you've been thinking on ur mind..Haha..But to summarise all, I really had a great time with Hui Shan catching a movie together..And hope she had a wonderful time with me too..*Except about being awkward towards each other..But I do believe in the future..we'll get along well even better! SmiLeS!

Friday, December 14, 2007

A choice I made - Not to be lazy

Finally, it's holidays! But not really a holiday for my classmates and I though or should I say for SP students. This holidays seems to be the timeslot for us to prepare for our coming tests and of course, exams! Man..Really can feel the stress now. But I'm gonna pull through so will my classmates, we're gonna push ourselves this time, dun wanna end up doing FYP..LOL! Also, I'm kinda worried about who to spend my Christmas with. Reason is that I dun wanna celebrate this year's Christmas alone like last year's.

Well, last year actually worked instead of celebrating it. Man..Juz do not like the feeling of being left out. Really do hope that I can spend some time with my family or frens this time. Work seems to be the only thing that stopped me from having fun for the past 2 years. Ever since I started work after O'levels, I have not stopped working. Haiz..Think I'm looking old now despite that I'm still a teenager. I shan't let work take away my youth, I should treasure it this time. However, I can't possibly stop working as I have to work to earn money and pay for my singing handphone transport...I juz can't possibly stop working. Haiz..Life seemed tough for me now. But I do hope that in the future, I'll be fruitful from it.

I do envy those who are born with silver spoons, they do not have to work and could juz sit in front of their televisions watching their favourite drama series. However, I tell myself that I have the backbone and I will acheive what I intend to do. I've seen teenagers who are younger than me who are also in the same situation...I could feel how lethargic they are..but from what I see in them, I felt that they have strong determination in themselves and from them, I always remind myself that it is not juz me the only one suffering but also there are others who are juz like me. So since they are able to pull it through, why can't I? They are juz like me going to work after school juz to earn another few dollars, willing to sacrifice their time of watching television programmes to earn extra income for the family to lessen the burden of their families' sole-breadwinners. It is them that encouraged me to push on.

I'm getting tired at the same time though..really..I really am...Well, to end off this second entry of mine, juz wanna say that above all, this is the choice I made and not be lazy. Trusting that God will make a way for me.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

My first entry to my blog

Well, decided to name this as, My Life Story. I am going to write whatever that will be happening in my life. Also, towards the future, I can view this again to see how wonderful my life was being spent.

I once had this teacher who asked this question," What would you do when you're at the last three days of your life?" Everybody in the class did not know how to reply that. Some came up with interesting ideas such as doing something that you have never done before so that at the end of your life, you will not regret of not doing it. Whereas some came up with writing a will to tell their family members how he or she wants her wealth to be shared among them before they die, which I thought was not meaningful at all. After a few minutes of discussion, the teacher finally spoke and told us about his thoughts. He told us that if he were to know that he was to die in three days, he would take out all his photo albums and view every single pictures so that all these will be kept in him as memories.

As we all know that we came here into this world with phyiscally nothing and we will also leave this world physically nothing but we perhaps can have memories to bring along with us after death. Upon hearing what my teacher said, I felt very enlightened so were the rest of my classmates. The teacher left the class after making the amazing statement.

Until this day, I can never forget about it. I would love to share this with everyone whether if you're viewing my blog or anyone that I happen to see. And now, thinking back about this, how I wished that I could meet the teacher again to tell him that besides looking at the photo albums, in this 21st century, bloggings are also another source that can be similar to looking at photo albums.

So people out there, do make use of this and when you reached probably the age of 50, you would be surprised to see the amazing things you did in your life having so many events accumulated in your blog and even if it is your last day of your life, you will and I assure you that you will never regret every single seconds of your life!