Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm directing a short film!!Yeah! My dream to become a director!

Yippie!! A chance to showcase my directing skills. I always have ideas and moving pictures circulating around my brains both left and right and always wanted to make a movie. Here's the chance! I'm still planning things out with my producer, Mr Davian Teo about the scenes and most urgent issue now is the search for actors and actresses.

Looking for 5 male/female casts for an upcoming Mystery/Horror short film. As this is a low budget production, there will be no pay but a copy of the showreel will be provided. This is a great opportunity to expose yourself to the camera and also to gain experience for starters.
Filming dates to be confirm again but will probably starts this coming weekends if not by next week. A 3 - 5 nights shoot inclusive of a shoot in the morning. Location will be in the EAST.

1 female main lead - teenager, MUST be mandarin speaking. MUST be attractive/captivating ( or you think you have a good look )

2 female supporting role - teenager, MUST be mandarin speaking.

3 Male supporting role - teenager, MUST be mandarin speaking.

No need to have any acting experience but must be fun-loving and easy to work with.

For more details/enquires, email to

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mariah Carey- Through The Rain

Awesome song man...By Mariah Carey. I dunno why ever since I started visiting Youtube to listen to the song When You Believe and then clicking on Mariah Carey's songs, wow...her songs are really worth it to hear man..(Erm..not saying other singers not worth it lah..) Anyway, juz like to recommend my frens who are reading my blog to listen to this particular song called - Though The Rain, I love the story in the MV if you were to watch it, very touching....about how this gal's love for the guy was so strong that she is willing to leave her family juz to seek for her happiness. Glad that this song is sung by Mariah Carey..if's gonna be damn "CUI"..LOL! =)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

12 Lotus

I used to think that Roystan Tan's production is always very boring. After watching the previous movie," 881". I was very disappointed in it, maybe it was because I am a teenager, I do not understand Hokkien, neither do I appreciate what is called "Ge-Tai". Ever since then, I said that I am not going to watch his movies. Also, his short films were considered artistic but they were draggy and long winded, sometimes the dialogues from the actors were very short or should I say basically a few words. Overall, he is our local director. Comparing to Jack Neo, Jack Neo really knows how to captivate the locals, not just the teenagers but also adults and seniors, can say most people of different age group will prefer his movies than Roy's.

However, here's the twist, have you watched 12 Lotus?

What if I were to say that whatever I mentioned above, were his past and is different compared to now?LOL..Yes..I am not joking about this. This time round, Roystan Tan being the director of 12 Lotus, maintained his ideology of having Ge Tais in this movie, Hokkien songs, beautiful colourful settings and costumes, the same actors plus a few more BUT made it even more entertaining by truely showing you his personal directing point of view of what exactly 12 Lotus is. Indeed! This time round, he has proven to me that this masterpiece of his, really showcased his talent of directing a movie, sending out to the audience the message that he wishes to tell you and also to cultivate you the knowledge of his art-work.

5 Thumbs UP!! =)

Only those who are artistic will know what this movie is all about. So...Go on and watch this movie to test out how artistic you are!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Frink Frink in Teenage Magazine!

We're Frink Frink
Catch Us on 27th September 2008
Teenage Icon Semi-Finals
At Heeren

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yesterday had a very fun day since 2pm

Yeah!Went to sentosa yesterday!!Had lots of fun, played volleyball, frisbe but most importantly is the bonding with my frens! Wah..Can say we shared alot of things under the sun. Whole day was really a happy day!I totally, si bei enjoy it. One thing is probably my attachment has ended, secondly, I can enjoy myself just right after attachment at Sentosa and I was expecting quite a few frens to come but turned out that, the people were just enough and thirdly, to relax myself from unhappy thoughts.

Well,after being at Sentosa, we headed for steamboat!!Shoik sia...Wai Lreng, Felicia, Yi Da, Juliet, Ivan, Sylvian, Li Ling, Jia Yan, Mao Shan and I.

Then after the steamboat, we went to talk. The most interesting thing of all for the whole day is the talk between guys and girls. We asked questions whereby it's totally no ending answer to it. For the guys will pose the gals questions that we're uncertain and for the girls, they will pose questions to us guys. Haha..It was fun having all these debatings, having questions like when would it be the right time to confess to a girl, will guys look down on girls who chase after them, will girls appreciate guys chasing after girls etc.

Then we really cracked out alot of jokes and laughters! =)
(Will update with pics soon from Juliet)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I will still move on..till the day I'm ready

Feeling very down now.. I dunno what to write in this entry. Maybe I shall remember this day of why I am so down..never had I been so down before..Haiz..Today's the 13th of August. I will remember this day.

At first I was very the start of the day till somewhere in between but it was at the end of the day I felt like as if I lost my hope..The candle light was like juz blown away so suddenly and caught me unprepared for it. Really can't bear to see it...I really can''s not the time for me yet..I can't reveal anything much..but I'll keep it to myself...

However, I still believe that there's still can't give up...gotta do what I have to do first. I'm strong in my mentality, I know what are my pirorities and I will not allow any distractions to invade in me. Still..I await for that day. =(